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Jonathan and Meredith Parker are passionate about leading people to Jesus Christ, where they can experience healing and the abundant life spoken of by Jesus in John 10:10.  Whether in ministry, law enforcement, or Meredith's work as an adolescent counselor, they have dedicated their lives to serving others.


They met in 2003 while attending the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN, where Jonathan earned a Master of Divinity in Ministry Leadership and Meredith earned a Master of Arts in Christian Formation with an emphasis in Counseling.  They were married in 2006, and have one beautiful daughter.


In October 2014, Jonathan and Meredith announced the vision for family-oriented worship services targeting the law enforcement community.  Cop Church Chattanooga was launched on February 3, 2015, and the ministry continues to grow.  They envision Cop Church as a hub for ministry and service to the law enforcement and first responder communities in the region, and also have a vision for Cop Church in other cities across the nation.


Jonathan is an Ordained Minister and is endorsed as a Vocational Chaplain by the Church of God (Cleveland, TN).  He has served in various ministry capacities since 2001.  He has also served as a local, full-time, sworn law enforcement officer since 2007.  He presently serves full time as Chaplain and Deputy for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, and has previously served as a Patrol Officer, School Resource Officer, and Adjunct Training Instructor.  He hosted and produced over 85 episodes of the Watch Your Six Podcast for law enforcement, and is a frequent law enforcement keynote speaker and conference facilitator nationwide.


In addition to her work as a counselor and dedicated mother to their daughter, Meredith is a anointed singer, is actively involved in women's ministry, and has an anointing to pray for those who need healing.  She was miraculously healed in 2008 after suffering a massive heart attack, and her testimony has been aired internationally on the Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club Program.


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