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The unknown can be very uncomfortable for anyone, but especially for law enforcement officers.  Going to church, expecially when you haven't been in a while or ever, can create similar feelings.  For those reasons, we strive to make our worship gatherings enjoyable and welcoming.  When you visit Cop Church, you will be welcomed not only by brothers and sisters in Christ, but by brothers and sisters in "blue."  We understand each other, and want to create an atmosphere where you can encounter God and experience positive, life-giving relationship with others.


We welcome you to join us at 6:00PM for a family dinner, or come just in time for the worship gathering at 6:30PM.  When you enter the church parking lot, you'll see signs directing you to the proper entrance.  You'll be greeted at the door, and once you enter, you will see a vibrant church family (other cops, first responders, family members, and supporters) who are excited to meet and assist you in any way they can.  If you have kids between the ages of birth and 5th grade, you will be directed to our Cop Church Kids ministry area.


The worship gathering usually consists of one or more songs, a life and profession relevant message focusing on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and a time for prayer and response to the message.  Afterwards, our guests receive special gifts, and there will be more time for conversations if you want to hang around.  We normally dismiss between 7:30PM and 7:45PM so that you don't feel rushed getting the kids home or preparing for the next day.


You will find that visiting Cop Church is uplifting and exciting...and hanging around with a bunch of cops is always fun!






         1st & 3rd Tuesdays

         6:30 PM

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