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Cop Church USA


During the launch service, Pastor Jonathan shared the vision for Cop Church from Mark chapter 2.  Several friends wanted to bring their paralyzed friend to Jesus so that he could be healed.  The problem?  The large crowd made it impossible for them to reach Jesus.  The friends knew that the man was in desperate need of a healing encounter with Jesus, so they got creative.  They took the man on the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching, made a hole in the roof, and lowered their friend on his mat until he was face-to-face with Jesus.  When Jesus saw their faith, He healed the paralyzed man.  The crowd left that day saying, "We've never seen anything like this before!"


The Cop Church team are merely the friends who recognize that we have other friends serving as first responders who are paralyzed by the stressful effects of their service.  Their health is failing, their finances are troubled, their marriages are struggling, and many of their methods for coping only exacerbate the problems.  Cop Church is the creative approach we are using to bring our friends to an encounter with Jesus, believing that He will honor our faith and minister healing to their lives.  And just like in the story from Mark 2, over and over we hear, "We've never seen anything like this before!"


Cop Church is a unique approach to ministry, and we believe God is going to open doors across the nation for revival in first responder communities.  Our vision is for God to birth this vision in the hearts of those serving in other cities. 


You don't have to be called to preach or even lead worship, but you do have to be committed to Christ, to leading, and to reaching your community.  We have a very specific strategy for launching the ministry and hope to begin the process for launching in another city within a year of the Chattanooga launch.  If you would like to discuss this possibility further, and to be considered as a catalyst for the launch of our next Cop Church, please contact us below.

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